Jeremy A. Richler is a lawyer with an employment and corporate law practice for clients seeking affordable personalized legal services. Jeremy has expertise in advising individuals and businesses alike on their legal rights, contractual obligations and unwavering goal of protecting the client’s best interests. 

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Tax fairness and the need for comprehensive, broad based reform.


Tax reform is certainly fuelling debate for those of us political junkies in the know. I do think the Liberals’ attempts to undertake substantive tax reform are laudable. Our tax.. read more

Reading between the lines: the blurry law of constructive dismissal


It is rarely easy when the employment relationship comes to an abrupt end. And it isn’t always clear cut, either. There is no ambiguity of dismissal when an employee receives.. read more

Are terminated employees entitled to discretionary bonus awards?


Many employees in today’s workforce receive a significant portion of their income in the form of bonus payments and incentives. When the employer terminates the contract of employment without cause,.. read more