Document Review/Electronic discovery.


Jeremy A. Richler provides comprehensive services in electronic discovery (better known as e-discovery law). In a nutshell, e-discovery involves all steps in identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information (ESI). As computers and electronics have proliferated exponentially over the last couple of decades, so too have the demands for procedures to gather and collect essential evidence now often stored on computers and hard-drives, and not necessarily in paper.

Jeremy has extensive experience in conducting document review services as a subcontracted consultant for companies acting on behalf of large clients on complex commercial litigation files, class actions lawsuits, regulatory investigations, and supplementary information requests (SIRs) on mergers and acquisitions.

Jeremy has the expertise to provide the following services:

  • first level review, coding for relevance, privilege and hot documents.
  • quality control and second level review services, including redactions.
  • discrepancy and anomaly searches
  • working alongside information technology to ensure proportionality and to minimize duplication.
  • regular reporting to client to ensure efficiency and completion in advance of fast approaching deadlines.

Jeremy has experience in all aspects of document review from first level to project management. He is comfortable on electronic platforms such as Relativity and Ringtail, and has developed the expertise to ensure your project moves seamlessly at all relevant stages of review.

Jeremy can be reached by email at or at 647-468-8347.