Starting a business can be a daunting challenge, and navigating through the volume of paper work and government regulations can be painstaking for those focused on building and managing their business. Many simply do not have the time or experience that is required to ensure business compliance with the legal fine print.

Jeremy A. Richler provides advisory services to small businesses, from inception and throughout the duration of their lifespan. He appreciates the challenges business owners encounter in dealing with employment contracts and disputes, privacy law concerns, intellectual property considerations, and the litigation that might become necessary in the event of a commercial dispute.

Jeremy A. Richler provides a one stop shop for businesses that require the full gamut of business law servicing, from  incorporating your business, drafting a parternship or shareholders agreement, advising on commercial leases, to the purchase and sale of a business.

Jeremy works hard to nourish long-term relationships with business owners based foremost on trust, appreciating their unique legal servicing needs to ensure the necesssary peace of mind throughout the long-term business cycle.

Jeremy services the following aspects of corporate and commercial law:

  • Incorporations
  • Shareholder & Partnership Agreements
  • Employment Law: Non-compete, termination issues.
  • Franchise Law
  • Privacy Law
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Independent Legal Advice & Contract Review

Jeremy also appreciates that for small business start-ups on a tight budget, rigid adherence to a strict billable hour might not be the most suitable arrangement for you. That is why Jeremy is prepared to consider a wide array of fee structures, from the traditional billable model, but also more flexible alternative fee arrangements that are tailored to the specificity of each individual client.

To schedule an initial consultation at a discounted rate, please contact Jeremy at (647)468-8347 or by email at