Wills and Estates Law.

Having a will properly drafted is very important  in order to ensure that your wishes are properly respected and in accordance with your specific instructions. Your will should be updated and amended over the course of your life  as your personal circumstances change. It is generally advisable to amend your will every ten years, and after major life events such as marriage, the birth of your children, divorce, or when you receive an inheritance.

It is especially important to have a proper will so that you get to have the final say in how your estate is unwound. A person that dies intestate, or without a will, has no say of their own and must have their estate divided according to the Succession Law Reform Act, as prescribed by the government.

Wills are relatively simple to devise, and Jeremy takes the time to ensure that your wishes and expressed intentions are at all times respected, so that the process unfolds seamlessly well into the future.

Jeremy provides the following wills and estates services:

  • wills drafting, single and “mirror wills” for couples.
  • continuing power of attorney documents for property and personal care
  • living wills and end of life considerations, such as advanced medical directives
  • will probate
  • independent legal advice.

If you are interested in devising a will, or have any questions on the administration of wills and estates, please don’t hesitate to contact me at jeremy@jeremyarichler.com. I can be reached at (647)468-8347.